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MILLAR KREKLEWETZ LLP has a specific focus on the Direct Selling industry, and with over 225 direct selling clients over the last 30+ years, we believe that we are the Canadian market leaders in direct selling legal compliance matters.  A primer on the Canadian Direct Selling Industry published by the Canadian Direct Selling Association can be found here.

Our Direct Selling practice includes all tax, trade, regulatory and licensing issues facing direct sellers establishing business a business in Canada, and all required licensing and registration requirement for U.S. direct selling companies entering the Canadian market place, including: 

Tax   & Structuring
Document Review
Direct Selling Compliance
Product Related
Choice of Entity
Distributor Agreements
Provincial Licensing & Bonding
NHP Obligations & NFR
Privacy Compliance
Incorporation & Organization
Compensation Plans
Advisory Opinions
Packaging & Labelling Issues
CASL & Anti-Spam Compliance
GST/HST & Pre-Collection
Policies & Procedures
Anti-Pyramid Rules
Trademark Registrations
Employment Issues
Provincial Sales Tax
Sales Contract/Receipt
Cooling Off Requirements
Unauthorized Reselling
Employment Standards Claims
Customs & Import Issues
Income Disclosure Statements
Starter Kit Requirements
Cease & Desist Letters
EI & CPP Audits
Transfer Pricing Issues
Marketing Programs
Anti-Pyramid Rules
Counterfeit Products 
Worker's Comp Audits
T4As, 1099s & Reg 105
Corporate Distributorships 
Non-Resident Registrations
Import / Export Licensing
Investment Canada Compliance
Corporate Tax Filings
Canadian Website
Distributor Relations
NAFTA / Trade Issues
We believe that our direct selling practice is the broadest in Canada, allowing our direct selling clients to benefit from that experience. 

Thinking about Establishing a Direct Selling Business in Canada ?

MILLAR KREKLEWETZ LLP provides comprehensive full legal service assistance for the establishment of business operations in Canada, including the following additional specialized advice:

  • Choice of Entity given international tax considerations
  • Business Incorporation, Organization, Corporate and Trade Name and Mark Registrations
  • Basic Corporate Tax Planning Advice, including 1099 Issues
  • Basic GST & Sales Tax Planning Advice including ACM, NSM and Single Vendor Permit Registration
  • Basic Customs & Trade Planning Advice, including expected NAFTA and Value For Duty assessments
  • Canadianization of all Commercial Documents (including Distributor Agreements, Compensation Plans, and Policies & Procedures)
  • Advice re Competition Act Compliance and legal compliance with Canada's Anti-Pyramid Rules
  • Provincial Licensing and Registrations, and assistance with other Bonding and Licensing Requirements
  • Establishment of Privacy Policy and other Assistance with Canada's Privacy Legislation
  • Advice regarding Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
  • Comprehensive Assistance regarding all other legal requirements facing a Direct Seller operating a Business in Canada

We are proud members of the Canadian Direct Sellers Association (DSA) !

Jack Millar is a long-standng member of the DSA Board of Directors, and a proud recipient of the 2003 Ivan P. Phelan Award, and 2012 Queen's Jubilee Medal for service to the direct selling industry.

Rob Kreklewetz a past Chairman of the DSAs Taxation Committee, and a past recipient of the 2001 Partnership in Progress Award.


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